I seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and His will, in all things each and every single day. I believe that God spoke to Moses, Noah, Samuel, King David, Paul and others throughout history and believe that He speaks to others here and now.

I enjoy a daily relationship with my Father God 24 hours a day. I am living the life eternal. I abide in Him, He abides in me, and it makes no difference where I am in the here, now or later, for I am with Him already. I enjoy prayer, praise worship, studying His word and am a watch woman for His return.

I have been married for 30 wonderful years and in 2007 my husband and I renewed our vows in full dress because 25 years prior, we had gotten married in Reno, Nevada and now that I was a completely different woman, I wanted to be married in a church.

My husband is still not walking the way I would like him to be, but I am convinced that he is right where God wants him to be. God is God and I am dirt. It is not my day to judge, however it is my day to continue to get to know The Judge that is coming.

My husband is a wonderful man and loves me without reservation and I love and respect him the same. Together, we have four children, and seven grandchildren. Yet, he is not the biological father of any of our children and I was never married before him. (Ruff teen years) My husband is in my opinion and will always be the better parent. Our children are all grown of course and live here and there and they are all happy and doing well.

As for me and my house, ‘this day’ and everyday, I shall serve the Lord.

I donate time to drive the senior bus in my area completely enjoying it because I used to work with the elderly, as I was a CNA for almost ten years. I lost so many people in a row (10) that I got out of that because of the anguish of it all. Loosing people we love is by far the hardest thing we have to endure here on earth.

I do take on clients now, one at a time for private care and stay with that client until they pass away. Driving the senior bus gives me time to go play and visit with the elderly that I have always enjoyed ever since I was a child. I have always had elderly friends in my life. My last client missed celebrating her 100th birthday by just a few months. (2008) I was with here for the last three years of her life.

I’ve been busy writing on Thursdays; dedicating myself to a book that I have been compiling the last three and a half years. It is about a family who lived in Jerusalem, shortly after the Messiah was crucified. It all came to me in a dream so I have been writing that dream out.

During the time that I lost so many folks while full fledge in the CNA; I also lost my mother-n-law who was my closest and dearest friend. Two months after she passed, my father died and then my mother a year later.

Death and loss play a tremendous roll on the heart. In 2005, I had grieved so much for all those that I had died and it was during this time when my son turned on me and refused to have anything to do with my husband or myself for a year and a half. He had some real issues between he and his sister but thank God at the time of this writing, God has worked all of that out between the two of them and us as well. God is faithful to those who are faithful.

However, in 2005, I had had enough and decided that I was going to take myself out of this world. It seems strange to me now but living in darkness for so long has caused me to appreciate the light, especially verses about light.

The loss of relationship with my son was the worst part that life had piled on my plate. I realized much later that it was not so much that I wanted to die, but I just did not want to live. In January of that year, I was in the process and you would not be surprised who showed up. Yahushua reached down from the portal of heaven and pried open my heart with one verse.

Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

He knew that I was planning to separate my body from my soul and spirit. He had a purpose and a plan for my life that had not been completed yet, so He just showed up and introduced Himself to me, letting me know that He loved me and that He had been sent to introduce me to His Father. Once I realized that God in the heavens loved me, I became so filled with joy knowing that I was more alive than I had ever been before and now more than anything, I wanted to live, and not for anyone else but only for the audience of One. Him.

He has taught me many things by the power of God’s Spirit, which lives in me. It wasn’t until about six months later that I was actually baptized in the Holy Spirit, but I was getting to know Him all along by reading His word and learning all about Him and how He moves folks along in their common daily walk. I had read scriptures of how He intervened in the lives of people who never called out to Him either, like Moses, so I took to studying Moses and have a deep appreciation for my fellow brother in Christ Jesus.

I have had people tell me that I was filled with His spirit right away and I have no doubt about this because I did read this later, but I was taught things early in life something that caused me to be fearful of a Ghost living inside of me. (Childhood lies)

Nevertheless, this was all worked out too and His Spirit had manifested in so many different ways and many different times that I could no longer deny it and I was no longer afraid. I came to understand that the Spirit was sent to comfort me and teach me the ways of God. I am forever thankful that God uses His power in this way. I also learned that He, the Holy Spirit is the power of God’s Spirit. There is only One God. There is no other.

I read how sin entered the human race when Adam and Eve gave away their dominion. I read how He keeps His promises and keeps His word. I read how He would send judgment to those who disobeyed and I learned about how He sent His Son, to reconcile humankind who was lost back to Him because of sin’s disobedience. I completely understood that Jesus gave His life, as a sacrifice once, for all sin, to save us from the laws required penalty of sin, which is death. I read where He blesses those who do stay in obedience and shows His favor upon their lives and more importantly, how He never leaves them and never forsakes them. I claim His word to complete my life.

I study pretty much most of each day and even some through the hours of the night. I enjoy deep studies and share them with anyone who would like them. I enjoy topical studies too. I have been involved with a weekly Bible study group made up of all denominations since 2005. My life revolves around what God would have me do each day, where I can be of service to Him in whatever capacity He desires for this vessel.

Getting to know God is the One and only most important thing that has ever happened to me because through Him, I have learned to have better relationships with all those that He has given me to love while living on this earth and every single human being I have met so far in this journey called life.

Our Creator God will use His written scriptures, or possibly some other supernatural way to reach out to us to let us know who He is. He will show us His purpose and plan that He has for our life. His name is Yahwey, the God of Israel. Let all who has breath give Glory to His name.

This is what He did for me. He made the difference. Where I wanted to be out of this world that is filled with ugliness, evil and lies, He came and took me out of all that darkness, now His light shines in me and through me, and now I have a promise of eternal life. My life is a constant overflowing abundance of truth and light and I am filled to the brim, overflowing with His unfailing love.

O, yes there have been some not so good days. I will not deny that, but through those darkened days, I have learned to depend upon His love. He has lifted me up and by His power in me, I have overcome all that has tried to kill me and or hold me captive against my and His will for my life.

I may not be who everyone expects me to be, just the one I choose to be. ~ Eudora 02/19/2011

All because of His love for me. Moreover, all because I trusted in Yahushua and His nail pierced hands; my heart claps with joy everyday.

God’s ways are higher than my ways, and His thoughts than my thoughts, but I keep reaching for His ways and His thoughts. I know that I am making a choice daily that is still the best choice that I made because I am one day closer to Him than I was the day before. ~ Eudora February 12, 2011

When you seek Him, you will find Him, when you seek him, with all of your heart.

The transcendent lie is one that is born of a convinced truth. ~ Eudora 12/6/2011 7:34 p.m.

I was taught so many lies about the scriptures when I was growing up and even as an adult and now because I make a point to study the Bible for myself, those lies are being revealed. It was a long road to finding forgiveness to all those who taught me lies. (Regarding the transcendent lie.)

My prayer is that in the footsteps that I leave would cause many to believe that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; the God of Israel that I cling to is the only God, King of kings and Lord of lords.

I pray that as all folks research their roots that they begin to understand that they can only dig as far as the roots to the Tree of Life, the Creator of all that exists.


About eudoranachand

A Spirit filled disciple who continually seeks His kingdom and His righteousness.
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  2. tvaraj says:


    A great self introduction and I love the way you write. I am now following your posts.

    Glad to know that you liked my posts in my blog “Impressions.” If you have the time and inclination, please visit my other blog “Inspirations” too – where I post daily articles on readings from the Gospel. And mind you, I only write on what inspires me and I don’t sermonize.

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