When Yahushua therefore saw Mary weeping over the death of her brother and the Jews also weeping which came with her, Yahushua groaned in the spirit, and was troubled. He asked where they had lain Lazarus? When Rabbi Yahushua went to see, He wept.

 John 11:35 ~ Yahushua wept.

This particular text does not tell us that Yahushua weeps when we do at the loss of our loved ones but from this passage, we might conclude that if He cried for the loss of one so close to Him, that He fully understands and identifies with us when we loose folks that we love.

He stepped down from the heavens into the trenches of life as we know it. He too, spent most of his childhood as a refugee in the land of Egypt escaping the tyrant king Herod who had ordered all babies to be killed only later to declare, “Suffer not the little children to come unto Me”.

He knows what it is like to be a child escaping the land of Syria like so many folks are today.

Amongst the horrors that face so many nations today, Yahushua sees the death caused by viruses like Zika, terrorist attacks and the harsh realities like that of Aleppo. Yahushua sees what has transpired in our world. He also sees how the body of men and women, are failing them way to early in their lives.

While we have no means to escape these atrocities, He still offers the hope and promise of life, while we endure such negative environmental distructions that impact our earth and what was originally intended to be a safe haven for all mankind.

I have said this before but I personally believe that loosing those we love is the hardest part of life that we go through, but go through we must. We dearly hold on to the memories of what once was and do the best we can to instill and share those memories into the lives of those who are left behind.

Nevertheless, we live in a fallen world and believe it or not, the promise of eternal life begins here in this life, simply because the promise of eternal life is what fills us with the hope to carry on as best we can.

This is the human mechanism that has been created within us to be comforted by the memories of the past. They are these memories that comfort us and also bring hope to others.

At the loss of those we love, our natural defense calls us to step out of our comfort zone to be comforted by those who also come along side of us to weep when we weep, just as Yahushua wept along side of Mary when she lost her brother.

Yahushua wept and so do we. We weep at the loss of the folks who postively impact our lives for the better. We weep for our parents, siblings aunts and uncles and of course we grieve terribly at the loss of children.

When we loose those who are our elders, if we have not learned from them and gained patterns of their wisdom, we have lost the best part of them without even realizing it until it is too late. We cannot go back and learn those ways that had brought them through the ruff patches in their lives because they are gone. We may have lived too selfishly and missed the value of what they could have taught us.

Love those around you while you can. Take the time and make the effort to engage the elders in conversations that will teach you what is most valuable to them. Ask your elders the questions of how they got through those difficult times.

The effort that we make now just might better prepare us for a better future and if we are lucky, just might make the loss a bit easier because we did stop and engage, love and treasure what we do have.

There is a saying that says, “There is no time like the present.”

But in all reality, there is no present like the time because time after all, is all that we have. Time is a gift.

Take off the ribbon of pride and selfishness and open that gift. You will be so glad that you did. Don’t let the bitterness of life’s hurt and trial hold you back from accepting forgiveness or forgiving others so they too can rest in peace.

Love one another as He loves us. Love beyond our differences because it is the differences that make us stronger.

~ As always, just a sharing of life’s reality by Eudora who has lost way too much time of her own, hoping that what I share today will help everyone with a better tomorrow.

Saturday, January 14, 2017  –  On this day, Folks in the valley celebrated the life of Butch Epps. 


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