Discovering My Talents and Gifts

I believe that the single most important and dominant gift that I have is one of being a teacher of the scriptures.  Not because I have been taught in seminary but because as a young girl in my teens, I discovered that I was given a gift of writing.

I first began to develop this unique gift in Juvenile detention. I can certainly identify with Paul who writes from prison and have often wondered if he were not in prison , would we have the copies of his letters today? Probably not, because he would have been out there visiting all those places and teaching them verbally.

The Greek word for teacher “didaskalos” means master, teacher or doctor. As a teacher I am able to communicates knowledge, guide and makes known or relays facts. I have the ability to study in-depth because I ask questions of the Spirit. I recognized early on that the Spirit is my teacher, so He is who I learn from and I know that Yahwey conveys His message to me, through the Spirit. The Spirit is our communicator.   I have the Spirit-given capacity and desire to serve Yahwey by making clear the truth of His Word with accuracy.

As a teacher, I live to learn and teach or perhaps write, since I have also used this medium since I was a teenager.  I have learned to teach in two manners which may be contrary to my nature. The material must be simple so other students of the word can understand it, and it must be practical. The pastor/shepherd, the prophet, and the exhorter (those with speaking gifts) usually rely on the same source of the Holy Spirit to help fulfill their responsibilities.

I love the Word, enjoy reading and although I may be a little shy of strangers, I am able to be creative and imaginative, and prefer teaching groups over individuals. I am generally confident, self-disciplined, and sometimes technical. I enjoy charts, graphs, genealogy and lists. I would sometimes rather just do research, but “must teach” because others would not teach it the way I would.  I strive to bring the very intellectual down to my dummy sized brain so that I can teach it to those who also have the same child like faith.

The use of a verse out of context sometimes frustrates me but I also recognize that in order to grasp the value of the whole of what is written,  I must study a little here and a little there, commandment upon commandment.  Interestingly enough, I even question the human knowledge of those who teach me which is a rare occasion.  I do have one person especially that I will listen too because He does teach me and his name is Rico Cortes.

I am organized and enjoy studying. I am extremely concerned with accuracy and hope that I do not give too details but end up doing that to back up with the written word, why I believe the way that I do about what ever topic I am using to teach with. Some may even think I am boring because of that but I have always found that if I can read a book, I can certainly take the time to read a three or four page article if the title interests me.

Spiritual gifts are tools that our Creator gives believers to do the work of their ministry, to reach, teach and to minister to one another. Every believer receives at least one gift at the moment of salvation and mine was developed as a teacher. Spiritual gifts are not rewards nor are they natural talents. We are equipped by the Spirit to preform these gifts by expression of them to accomplish a variety of results that suits the needs of our heavenly Father. A spiritual gift is the primary channel by which the Holy Spirit ministers through the believer. It is a supernatural capacity for our  service to our Creator. He gives us a supernatural desire to perform the duties of that gift. Spiritual gifts are tools for building on our relationship primarily with Him, but results in our relationships with others.

Theses gifts are a source of joy in our life and influence our motives. A spiritual gift is a divine calling with a divine responsibility, because what He has gifted me to do, He has called me to do, and what He has called me to do, He has gifted me to do.

There are three categories of gifts: The Miraculous Gifts, generally known today as Charismatic Gifts; the Enabling Gifts which all believers have the ability to develop (faith, discernment, wisdom, and knowledge — qualities possessed rather than activities performed); and Team Gifts which are activity, service, or task-oriented. The Team Gifts are functional and involve speaking or ministering. Chances are, you have several of these gifts that vary in different degrees and intensity. In many cases, spiritual gifts even complement your secular employment. The Spiritual Gifts Analysis you took identified your dominant TEAM GIFTS which will help you find your place on the team in your church. Prayer and serving God will also help you see where God wants you. This profile gives you a simple bar graph showing how all the gifts relate to you and to each other, but analyzes in-depth only your dominant and secondary gifts which are the ones that will have greater influence in your life.

Be careful that you are not critical of people who differ with your doctrine and that you do not measure other people’s spirituality by their amount of Bible knowledge. Be willing to listen as well as talk. Don’t hesitate to read directions and work on developing tolerance for others’ mistakes.

My second most dominant gift is ‘faith. We are all given a measure of faith. I received a double portion of faith on top of that measure, when I was given the gift of the Spirit. The gift of the spirit includes faith but I received a double portion not because I wanted it but because I asked for it.

My faith as a youngster was seriously damaged by the church that I grew up in and I will never allow anyone to teach me something that I will not first check out through the scriptures before I believe it.  Most often, because I do detailed and intense Bible Study, I can actually agree with what I hear and can give a hardy amen to. It takes someone like Rico Cortes who has done such a vast amount of research, to entice me to do my own research.  He challenges me as a student and I really appreciate that about him.

The third part of my spiritual gifts inventory is mercy. The Greek word “ellco” means to feel sympathy with or for others. I have the spiritual given capacity to identify with and comfort those who are in distress or going trough a trial in their lives. This is most often channeled through prayer and verbal support to the sufferer. So much so that I am often burdened until the answer is pressed through and answered.  That is often a long process but is always worth the time because it is all service to our Most High God. Most often, somewhere in my own past, somehow I can identify with another’s time of trouble.  I enter into their grief and feel the same empathy that Yah is feeling with them. This also happens in times of happiness too so there is a trade off in reward.

A gift given in love isn’t always about the gift. More often, it is the love that comes through the giving of the gift that matters most.  While I feel low-key, inadequate and certainly un-worthy, I try my best to use the love of Yahushua towards me, in the gift of love towards others. I feel that I am easy to talk to because number one, I listen and number two, I do not repeat. Whether anyone knows that or not is beside the point. I know that about me.  I do talk to Yahushua about certain things but no-one else need know. I find that I am peaceful and agreeable, unless what one is saying is deliberately telling an un-truthful thing. There are many times that I have come across someone teaching or probably better stated as re-teaching a lie that they are without knowledge of it being a lie. Yahushua taught me this ear in my own personal walk with Him. Forgive them and move on.  I was once in the same place. I tend to think about things for a bit of a time and share my heart with Yahwey through His Son and wait for a revelation so that I can move to the next stage of understanding before I can either make a decision or a determination.

I think one of my worst human traits is that I am easily hurt.  My heart goes out to the single women, the aged ones who live alone or to the under privileged and mentally challenged. Or maybe I attract that kind of person, I am not really sure but either way, I utilize my gifts towards these humankind. I also tend to stand up for those who are not able to stand up for themselves and often get myself into trouble because of it. I try hard not to let these kinds of things control me but I often fail because of personal experience of never feeling that I was good enough or loved enough or perhaps good enough to be loved.
I have also been verbally told that I am too emotional both in the rejoicing and the tears. I even had a minister tell me that I smiled too much, how weird is that?

One thing I also do is forget that Hasatan will attack the gifts given and utilized by the children of Elohim.

In my experience of life that I have lived so far, I certainly see that from the time I was able to walk, I have been drawn to the elderly, especially those who have limitations and need assistance in some way or another. I really am just drawn to the elderly as a natural state. This may be because when I was born, my father was already 49 years old and my mother was 36 years old.  In our neighborhood as a child, I often visited those who were elderly and enjoyed them more over children my own age. My mother was fourty four years old when she gave birth to my youngest brother.  I often wonder if he too is drawn to elderly folks.

When I then had children, and raised the two that I did keep, once I was a few years older (not much), I made a vow to myself that my children would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I loved them and that I would NEVER use the tactics that my parents used in raising me, to raise my children.

They actually turned out pretty good. I wasn’t the best parent in the world but my children knew they were loved and respected for who they were as individuals. That was very important to me and still is. It was also important to me that they become confidant in who they are as individuals.

We all have our own faults too. We don’t like people pointing out our flaws because we already see them and criticism only hurts. We do enough of it to ourselves anyway. But every judgment that a person makes becomes a basis for his or her own judgment. Did you know that? It is just a natural element that is in our brains. We seem to become a product of our environment, but we can and should choose to move from one environment to another, through out our life time.




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