Like The Petals of a Daisy, Never Loving Me Not

Do you truly believe that God loves you? He wants you to believe it. How do I know?

Remember when Yahushua was in the garden praying [The true prayer of our LORD]? He spoke the following:

“I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.” ~ John 17:23

final-yahushua-heart Isn’t that just beautiful? Yahushua wants Yah to get the word out to the world that Yahushua was sent by the MOST HIGH Elohim ‘AND’ that Yah loves us ‘as’ He loves Yahushua. Yahushua already knew that Yah would love us no different and He wasn’t even jealous at all. In fact, He wants us to know that the way that Yah loves Him, is the same way that He loves us. we really have got to get ahold of this truth that the God of all creation loves us in the same incredible, beyond-our-comprehension level that He loves Yahushua.

Get this: In Luke 18:8, Yahushua asks a question about the condition of man’s faith, how will it be when He returns. “I say to you that He [Yah] will do their vengeance quickly, Nevertheless, the Son of Man will indeed come, and will He find faith on the earth?” In the first part of chapter 18, Luke [The author] mentions that Yahushua spoke in a parable to teach the importance of prayer and not to grow weary.

Circumcision 6 Do you grow weary? In our times, it seems like there is so much hatred going on. It even seems to me that at least here in America, folks are choosing sides ever since this 2016 election. The love of many really has grown cold hasn’t it? It appears to many people that Yahwey doesn’t love them and this is simply not true at all.

We were told that there would be trouble but not to worry about it because He had overcome the world. We just gotta keep believing and having faith that the God of creation loves us and has not and will not forsake us. No matter what the physical evidence looks like in the here and now, He loves those who love Him and He abides in those who abide in Him.

Isaiah 601 Our salvation depends on believing how special we are to Him and how much He loves us. If we do not continue to have faith and trust in Him, no matter what, our love might grow cold. We have been warned that the love of many will grow cold because lawlessness will abound. He who endures to the end will be saved.

Keep holding on folks, we are nearer to the end than we were yesterday but He is the same today that He was yesterday and in that respect…. not a single day goes by that we are not loved, no matter what.


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A Spirit filled disciple who continually seeks His kingdom and His righteousness.
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